Dear Ally,

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Be Productive Between Classes

Dear Ally,

You’re a commuter student now. Life is going to be different and your schedule kinda sucks. In the future hopefully you’ll be able to block your schedule and maybe even have at least one day where you don’t have to drive to campus. For now, though, it is what it is and I have some advice to help you make the best of it.

Making the most of a break depends on how long it is and what you can accomplish in that amount of time.

What to do if you have 10-15 minutes: Maybe you arrived to class early or have a break in the middle of a long class. If you can make the most of these short breaks and do something besides look at Facebook, it can really add up, but taking an actual break and relaxing can also be good and increase your productivity later in the day.

  • Check your school e-mail
  • Reply to text messages (since you shouldn’t be doing that in class)
  • Go to the bathroom
  • Eat a healthy snack like nuts or a piece of fruit
  • Do a stress-relieving meditation
  • Talk with a classmate
  • Print stuff out
  • Watch a squirrel (live or video, either one reduces stress)
  • Read for pleasure

What to do if you have 30-45 minutes: This is probably where there is the most time-wasting potential, but it’s not long enough to do a task requiring real thought and focus.

  • Review for an upcoming class
  • Eat a meal
  • Read a textbook section or two
  • Proofread and/or edit a paper
  • Watch a video for class
  • Retry example problems from a previous class
  • Make a study guide
  • Organize your course materials
  • Write a to-do list, plan for tomorrow or next week
  • Work out (you won’t get too sweaty walking or doing yoga or get a short run and a shower in)
  • Research future internships, jobs, grad schools
  • Go to office hours
  • Go to a previously made advising appointment
  • Take care of business (pay that tuition bill, make that dentist appointment)

What to do if you have several hours: This is your Thursday. That break between 10am and 5pm could be brutal, but there’s no way you can justify leaving campus, unless you have a dentist appointment. Don’t do what your uncle did in college and play cards all day in the cafeteria.

  • Work on a paper in the library
  • Meet with a study group
  • Run errands
  • Do homework
  • Go on a walk
  • Enjoy a meal or coffee with friends
  • Go to a club meeting
  • Watch Netflix (just not all day!)
  • Work on a group project


Good luck this semester!!

Aunt Sarah


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