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When will I graduate?

Dear Ally,

This post was going to be about college myths and while reading up about myths like “if the professor is over 20 minutes late, class is cancelled” (true at my school) and “if your roommate dies, you get a 4.0 for the semester” (not true anywhere), I found the biggest myth of them all: “Everyone graduates college in 4 years.”

The fact is that not even a majority of students graduate college in 4 years or less. Nationally only 65% of college students graduate in 6 years! This means that 35% of students take over 6 years to get their degree.

How can you find out when you can expect to graduate?

  • Calculate it. Take the total number of credit hours needed to graduate and divide by the average number of credit hours that you’ve been taking or plan to take each semester. The answer is the number of semesters it will take to graduate. (For example my school requires 128 credit hours and the average student takes about 15 credit hours per semester: 128 credit hours/ 15 credit hours per semester = 8.5 semesters. 4 years = 8 semesters, so students at my school need to take at least 16 credit hours per semester to graduate in 4 years.)
  • Map it. Charting your course through college can be complicated. You need to know which classes to take, in what order, and when they will be offered. Your school should have a general 4-year degree plan for each major – most likely available on the website. Your academic advisor should help you develop a personal road map for your college journey from the very beginning and should adjust the route, if you encounter any bumps along the way. If you do not have such a plan, ask for one when scheduling your next meeting with your advisor.

What can you do to graduate sooner?

  • Take more classes each semester. If you did the calculation and you’re coming up short, then you need to raise your average number of credit hours per semester, especially if your school has flat rate tuition – get your money’s worth since the cost per credit hour decreases the more courses you take at a time.
  • Follow the degree plan. Listen to your advisor and take the classes when he or she tells you to take them. My school requires a minimum of one science and one math course to be taken in the first year. It’s terrible to hear about a student who put one of these classes off because they’re scared of them only to fail it their very last semester.
  • Take only classes you need. Electives are fun, but too many of them add to your time in school. A double major or a minor might be enticing too, but unless you can work it into your 4-year degree plan, it’s going to cost you both time and money.
  • Pay your library fees and your tuition bill on time. What does this have to do with graduation rates? Students who have financial holds on their accounts cannot register for classes, which is the next tip….
  • Register for classes as soon as possible. Get up at 5am or whenever registration opens for your class’ rank. Why? Because you don’t want to get closed out of a class that you need to graduate and be forced to take it later, throwing off your plan.
  • Consider taking summer classes. Although I don’t recommend trying to squeeze a science or math course into the summer, it can be the perfect time to knock out a general education requirement or two. Talk with your advisor about your options – maybe your school offers summer on-line courses or maybe there is a school near your home that has courses that will transfer to your school as equivalent credit. Your advisor can help you figure this out, but you should start thinking about it in early spring semester – February or March at the latest.

Factors such as changing your major or transferring to a different school can have a serious effect on your graduation rate, so be sure to know all the details of your alternate plan so you can make an informed decision and know whether or not the change will be worth it.

All this being said, college is a wonderful experience that tends to fly by so…


(You probably don’t get this references because Billy Madison came out before you were born. This was one of my favorite movies in college.)

Hope you are having a great week!

Aunt Sarah


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