Dear Ally,

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I Scream, You Scream!

Dear Ally,

It’s your last week of classes! Hopefully you’re hanging in there so you can finish strong. My students have two more weeks, then finals. If it were 1996, I’d still have well over another month of classes. That was the trade-off for having a six-week break from Thanksgiving to New Year’s and not starting the year until after Labor Day.

This time of the year in Athens it would be starting to get hot and that meant you had to be careful. You would begin to see ice cream cones on the sidewalk in front of Perkins Hall, an all-guys, upperclassmen dorm. These were a warning to steer clear and give that particular section of sidewalk a wide berth. Perkins was right next to our beloved Shively Dining Hall, so it was possible that someone just dropped their soft-serve cone on the way out – but often there would be more than one cone – highly suspect.

A group of us used to sit on the wall across the street after dinner and just wait, wait for a group of poor, unsuspecting freshmen to come walking along, perhaps on their way to a math class in Morton. They would reach the target zone, and out of nowhere – splat! Several ice cream cones launched from an open third floor window would scatter the group like a flock of pigeons. And we would just howl, it was just hilarious. Even seeing the melted cones on the sidewalk made me smile.

The RA’s in that dorm never did find out who the ice cream hurlers were. The culprits would sling the sweets from a hallway window and dash back to their rooms. I had several friends that lived in that building, but, although they appreciated the entertainment, were never directly involved in the mayhem as far as I know. There were threats to no longer allow the cones to be taken out of the dining hall, but they never made good on them. Maybe I’ll go back for a homecoming and there will still be ice cream on that same sidewalk.

Study hard, but not so much that you aren’t also enjoying your college experience.

I really want some ice cream now.

Aunt Sarah


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