Dear Ally,

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The Plan…Ha!

James 4 vs 13 thru 15

Dear Ally,

The above is excellent advice. We are all guilty of trying to plan every detail of our lives and worrying about the future when the truth is, we have no clue and no real control.

I wrote the following brief autobiography in Spanish class, nearly 20 years ago:

Hola! Me llamo Sarah Courtier. Soy de Loveland, Ohio, cerca de Cincinnati. Cuando you era más menor creía que yo era un gato. VivÍa con mis padres y mi hermana menor que se llama Emily. Asistí Loveland High School. Mi familia tiene muchos animals, tiene 2 caballos, 5 gatos, un perro, y cuatro conejos. Teníamos una cabra y un par de cisnes pero eran demasiado apuro.

Ahora vivo en Johnson Hall. Me gusta mi cuarto y mi compañera de cuarto. Estoy especializando en la quimica. Me encanta la quimica. Soy un miembro de Reach Out on Campus, una organización religiosa. Atendo Athens Church of Christ. Soy un miembro del coro de ACC. Me encanta cantar.

Despues de graduación, mi novio y yo vamos a casarnos. Viviremos en o cerca de Loveland. Mi novio es ministro. Yo trabajaré en una fabrica de quimico.

I won’t translate the entire thing, but the gist of it is that I used to live with my family and we had lots of animals and now I like living with my roommate, love chemistry and singing. The last paragraph, which is the point, says “After graduation, my boyfriend and I are going to get married. We will live in or near Loveland (my hometown)…I will work in a chemical factory.” When I read this now I just laugh and laugh. Some things are still the same; I still love animals, chemistry, and singing. The boyfriend mentioned here and I broke up some months after this and, though we are still good friends, I can’t imagine having married him.  If someone told me then that I wouldn’t get married until I was 27, that I would move to northeast Ohio and work for a women’s college, I never would have believed them.

One day everything seems settled and to be going according to plan, our plan, but everything can change in an instant. Enjoy the ride and love the people that you get to live life with and don’t stress if you don’t have it all figured out because, chances are, it’ll get turned upside down at some point anyway and that’s OK.


Aunt Sarah

P.S. I learned how to make my own memes this week! 🙂

Jeremiah 29 vs 11


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