Dear Ally,

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Do What’s Best for You

Dear Ally,

Tomorrow is my co-worker’s last day before moving on to a position elsewhere. I’m going to miss her terribly as she was the first person that I work with that I would call a real friend. Our weekly lunches with our friends were often the one bright spot in some pretty stressful weeks. I’m extremely happy for her though. Her new workplace is an hour closer to her home, gaining her 10 extra hours per week. While some people might be upset that she is leaving, I’m glad she didn’t let that keep her from making a decision that will improve her quality of life immensely.

A student of mine a few years ago had a similar dilemma. She was majoring in both nursing and biology/pre-med. She was set on going to medical school and becoming a doctor, while her parents wanted her to study nursing like her sister. She compromised for years by taking courses for both, but eventually, when clinical courses began, it became impossible to schedule courses for both programs and she was forced to make a choice. I was proud of her when she told me she’d decided to stick with her dream of going to medical school. I know that it took a tremendous amount of guts to tell her parents that she planned to go against their advice and wishes. I’m happy to report that, years later, she’s nearly finished with med school and well on her way to realizing her goal of becoming a doctor.

I encourage you to not let fear, guilt, or what others might think keep you from doing what’s best for you and your life because, in the end, it’s exactly that, your life. Who knows what tough calls you’ll have to make in college and beyond, dropping a class, breaking up with a boyfriend, moving away from family and friends, but you’ll know it’s the right thing to do.

Always wishing you the best,

Aunt Sarah


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